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A Digital Sales Funnel Is The Strategy That Converts Leads Into Sales


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Funnel Flow Architecture Is The Customer Journey That You Design So Your Prospects Decide to Engage With You and Buy


You've seen these Facebook ads that offer you a valuable "Free Download," "Free Webinar," discount or similar, right?


Shortly after, you receive an email with the delivery, which hooks you up to their real offer and keeps you in the emailing cycle to hear even more about future opportunities.


Done badly, this can feel really spammy or pushy...


But done right, it is the beginning of a wonderful conversation where you nurture a win-win relationship with your prospects and clients — a relationship that is built on trust, value, and time. 


A Funnel Flow Strategy actively designs your customer journey so they feel provided with real value, well taken care of, understood, and happy to hear from you!


And this is how you earn more money for each initial offer, especially over time. 





How have you designed your Funnel Flow?

It's All About Having Meaningful


The most certain way to generate DIGITAL SUCCESS is to plan your customer journey with engaging conversations that turn into PROFIT.


When did you last check how your website converts?


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Create Irresistible Offers And
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Funnel Flow 

Creatively structuring your offerings on your customer journey turns leads into sales and clients into loyal customers.


Growth happens within your extended sales cycle.

Leverage your current marketing and sales efforts with these simple tricks.



Reach out to engage in a conversation that turns prospects into new clients.

Easier said than done? Not with this outreach system...

Starting Out

Hack the shortcut to a lean start.  The right funnel will save you tons of "learning fees."

Hoi! I'm Nadine Bdil

Marketing Expert, Funnel Flow Architect,

Growth Consultant, and Mompreneur.


Let's transform your website into a profitable funnel


Leverage my extensive experience in various marketing strategies for sales, e-commerce, outreach, startups, heroes, or workshops and convert your online presence into a selling machine. 

  • Prizes Won

    • Visionaries 2020
    • Startup Live
    • Global Innovation Network
    • Accessible Technologies
    • Smart & Safe City Nice-Tel Aviv
  • Speaker 

    • Innovative City Conference, Nice
    • 5th Annual Conference for Accessible Technologies
    • Yazamiot — Network of Women Entrepreneurs Israel
    • Visionary Conference, Vienna


Hola! I'm Yudelky

Funnel Designer, Funnel Flow Manager, and Mompreneur.


Let's transform your profitable funnel into a well-designed system that flows on its own.


Leverage my extensive experience as a software developer on Wall Street and my experience in website design to make your online presence shine.

  • Prior Experience 

    • Vice President at Morgan Stanley Bank
    • Lead Software Developer
    • Website Designer
  • Other 

    • Marathon Runner 
    • Health & Wellness Coach
    • Nutritionist


Nadine's insights of how to attract and retain more donations and create more value for our NGO have had a valuable and lasting impact on our organisation and we're highly grateful for her coaching.

Katja Wiesendanger

CEO, Pro Juventute

I'm highly impressed by her analytic and yet passionate thinking adding a series of steps to our e-commerce business at Raven Sports that have skyrocketed our conversions by an impressive 36%.

Yaniv Rosen

Serial Entrepreneur

Lea Grantz

Social Media

Community Manager

Nadine's skillful insights and guidance of how to build, tweak and connect a sales funnel to the traffic we generate for Finance Magnates has boosted our sales to unknown heights.

Fabienne Zielinsky


We've experienced growth at Ziel Immobilien we didn't know was possible. Not only improving our outreach strategy, but also showing us how to keep our clients engaged even after the sale, unexpectedly brought us many more clients. 

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