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Learn the Art & Science of Success Achievement

Unleash your untapped powers by awakening and allowing your true potential!



Discover how to connecting your goals to your purpose, your actions to your goals, and your thoughts to your actions literally unleash your power to Think Into Results!



Create Wealth

If you deserve so much more...
Build value from within and without so that you own your worth!

Own Success

You know what it takes and you do what you can...
Apply your mental powers to create your success now!

Claim Health

Your body expresses the mental state you're in.
Remove energy blocks to replace

dis-ease with at-ease

Enjoy Relationships

You have so much love to share...
Co-create blissful relationships


*This proven technique was developed by Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher and is responsible for billions of dollars earned, Oscars won, relationships saved, health rewon, and helped thousands in creating the life of their dreams.

Official Mentor

Hoi! I'm Nadine Bdil

In order to save my husband's life I lost all my money (literally millions in businesses and assets) but won my family and learned precious lessons. Being poor though, is just a mindset and that's where I discovered the path to riches, abundance, and prosperity by consciously developing my sub-conscious and inner powers.


You can do this too!

I'll show you how...

I'm an award-winning startup and business entrepreneur, inspiring speaker, and mentor at the Canton Zurich dept. of economics, a consultant with Bob Proctor's wonderful PGI, and a mom of 3 wonder-full kids.

  • Prizes Won

    • Visionaries 2020, Vienna
    • Startup Live
    • Global Innovation Network
    • Accessible Technologies
    • Smart & Safe City Nice-Tel Aviv
  • Speaker at

Your Worldclass Mentors

To millions of people across the globe, the name Bob Proctor is synonymous with success.


Long before his role in the movie The Secret sent him into the realm of superstardom, he was already a legendary figure in the world of personal development.

As an esteemed attorney with a successful career in banking law, Sandy Gallagher regularly handled billions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, and other big-ticket transactions, and was an advisor to boards and top executives of Fortune 500 firms.

Sandy connected her success with Bobs teachings and created Thinking Into Results.

No hustle & grind
but Flow & Ease...

If you experience fear, lack, scarcity or compentition, or your career or business is quite nice but doesn't quite excite as you wish it would, and you're looking for something more, with more meaning and PURPOSE, more flow and ease, and if this is also reflected in your relationships or health, it's time...


Make space to connect to your inner powers, work with the Law of Attraction, achieve effortless success and enjoy life in flow!

I had to hit rock bottom to wake up for a change... Don't wait, you can do it right now. It's just a matter of decision.

Today, I'm connecting to my inner wisdom, create abundance and prosperity with ease, guide my thoughts to bliss and actions to success and you can do it too!


I live my dream and love my reality where I have the pleasure and honor to inspire people on a daily basis to create a better life for themselves!

Impressions of the magic it does for others...

Thoughts + Energy = Idea

Idea + Energy = Action

Action + Energy = Results

Thinking Into Results

Thinking Into Results is a 24-weeks leadership and personal growth program, which develops mental tools, your inner power, and guides you to achieve any success you desire privately or in business.


Learning about and applying the universal laws which explains how energy moves to and through you, you'll learn how to guide the energy in desired directions.

In the Thinking Into Results program you'll get:

  • Life-time access to the Thinking Into Results program

    You get full life-time access to Bob & Sandy's TIR videos, exercises and contents on the PGI membership site.

  • 24 weekly Mentoring Calls

    Participate in weekly mentoring calls where I facilitiate every one week a new lesson and every other week we'll sharing ideas, thoughts, questions and discuss the exercises.

  • Bob personally answers your questions once a month on a live call

  • TIR Participants Guide

    A comprehensive Participants Guide  provides you with all the exercises, in-depth materials and inspirational readings.

  • 24/7 Participants WhatsApp Accountability Group

    Between the sessions you have access to the Participants Mastermind WhatsApp group, so that you have support and a knowledgable and supportive community of like-minded people around you.

  • Bob's bestseller You Were Born Rich ebook

    Bob's book gives you valueable clues about how to attract and accept riches into your life.

* All in person services are subject to change based on the well-being of the person and solutions will always be found.

The Thinking Into Results Lesson Overview:

  1. A Worthy Ideal: Setting and Achieving Worthy Goals
  2. The Knowing-Doing Gap: Understanding why you don't do what you KNOW you should do and how to bridge the gap.
  3. Your Infinite Mind: Using Your Mind to Get the Results You Want.
  4. The Secret Genie: Unlocking The Secrets of Your Higher Powers
  5. Thinking Into Results: Stay in Charge - No Matter the Circumstance
  6. Environment Is But Our Looking Glass: Greating the Circumstances You Want
  7. Trample The Terror Barrier: Identify and Avoid Behavioral Blocks that Sabotage Your Success.
  8. The Power of Praxis: Align Yourself with Success!
  9. The Magic Word: The Secretes of Attitude
  10. The Most Valueable Person: You Are A Born Leader
  11. Leaving Everyone with the Impression of Increase: The No. 1 Key to Success
  12. Maginfying The Mind: Become Unstoppable!

Creating Results

is a Science that everyone can learn

Apply for the "Thinking into Results" program and generate the lasting change  you desire and live a prosperous and abundant life according to YOUR gusto.

* Your information is highly confidential and safe.  We will never share it or spam.

We will email you about your results within 3 business days or less.  Look out for our email and whitelist our email address for best delivery.


Listen to these amazing results to see what TIR can do for YOU!

"I was so stuck and TIR did wonders for me.
I discovered who I really am, and how to go after inspiring goals!"

Barbora Jedlovska

Nutritionist & Chef

"I always had big dreams and TIR taught me how to think in The Certain Way and now I know how to get it all.
My life has changed so much!"

Liesbeth Schneider

Project Manager

"I consciously attracted 1 million  Euros to start my pyramid and crystal business"

Johannes Schlederer

Business Owner & CEO

You Are where You Are.

Now, It's Your CHOICE to go where you WANT to be!

Your family, friends, the environment, society, and your experiences influenced and formed your way of thinking and acting. They created your beliefs that are responsible for your current results.


Those paradigms make up your inner chatter.


The good news is, that paradigms can be shifted.

Together we succeed!

Share your Message

Start up and launch your Venture

Dare to Win!

Enjoy precious Moments


Grow beyond Imagination

Together we thrive!


the POWER and BELIEF that you have the absolute, undeniable, irrevocable, unrestricted, infinite and eternal RIGHT and POSSIBILITY to live in blissful prosperity, abundance and everlasting happiness!

Are any of these part of your inner chatter?

It's not enough...

Why me?

If I had the money...

I would like to, but...

First I need...

No one cares...

Rich people are ...

I'm not capable of...

But is this the objective truth?


What if these are "stories" that you've picked up or made up and telling these from a different angle would change your life?

More Voices of Result Achievers

"Now I KNOW that I can do it. My self-image has completely changed"

Rosa Navarez

Occupational Therapist

"I'm setting goals now that I never thought I would set. Without TIR I would just have stayed mediocre and who really wants that?"

Eric Froats

"I totally changed my mindset and attitude. This has changed everything in my self-esteem, relationships and business"

John & Mari Besinga

Physical Therapist and Business owner. Marketing Strategies.

What if you were exactly where you want to be right now?

When are you ready to decide to do whatever it takes to connect to the true, successful and blissfully happy YOU that seeks expression?

You OWN and CREATE Your Life and You Can Have It All!

Free up to live in ease and joy, in abundance and prosperity, and everlasting bliss

All results on this page are true and real. Your personal outcomes are a direct result of your thoughts, behavior, mindset, and attitude and we are happy to teach and guide you while you know that it is you that has to implement it in you life. More information is available here.

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